24-07-17 Monday Funday @ Crack City

Monday 24th July 2017

Its ‘Monday Funday’ at Crack City, Ibn Battuta, that faraway mall situated literally the opposite side of Dubai from where we live. Still, its a fun metro trip away for Kingsley, and the mall itself is packed with kiddie-friendly shops as well as the best grocer for my needs – Geant – so off we go for the night.

Erroll is abroad so home is only fun during midmornings and early afternoons for us; both Kingsley and I get antsy staying in, so out we go bound for ‘Monday Funday’. Each Monday Crack City puts on its ‘1 Dirham rides’ so the dreadfully loud, shaking and colourful interactive games cost next to nothing for hours of fun.

But we don’t last too long in the penny arcade; my head aches from the flashing light and thankfully Kingsley is over ‘skiing slalom’ and ‘shooting the zobies of Terminator 2’ and the five goes he has on the elliptical moving saucer leaves him dizzy. So into the baby play area we slink inside of which I fall into a heap onto the cushioned floor along with all the other tired/bored parents wishing we could all click our heels and find ourselves in bed.