16-08-18 Autrans Day 3

Thursday 16th August 2018

We go in search of cows today. And sure enough we find an entire meadows full of plump good looking milkers with udders full to explosion. Kingsley enjoys looking at their ‘boobies’ and notes each cow wears either a green or yellow collar. I note the electric fence which contains the cows in their meadow but sure enough Kingsley wants to touch it ‘like I did in Kentucky’…

And so he does. What do electric fences and nudity have in common? Kingsley in the Alpes! Kiddo cries and carries on while Natan chills on the green grass watching little fluffy clouds float by.

But an electric shock isn’t our only drama: Kingsley, Natan and Lilly get stung by nettles. Poor chaps. But I make the older two walk home in silent sufference. A bit of Perrier water splashed on their heels and they’re off again.

But of course our day cannot be complete without a session of feeding the chickens. Today they receive lettuce, onions, carrots, beans. Only a couple of nips to the fingers.