15-12-19 Kingsley: Dojo’s Christmas Party

Sunday 15th December 2019

These two squabbling every morning makes my day! In this scene Kingsley holds his breath before bellowing (in a sweet way) ‘stop it Elektra!’ every time she reaches over to grab his pen.

And in the afternoon Linus is free from annoying babies and with his mates from the Dojo: for its the Dojo’s Christmas party at Bronte. Here friends Spencer and Ayla practice cartwheels and handstands on the grass then the super heat drives everyone to the water. A freak wave almost engulfs Linus, Erroll diving under with him.

Later in his beach shower he shakes off the fear but acknowledges that Bronte has bad waves whereas Coogee has good waves.

Well we shall stick to Coogee Nippers then! Today Santa even turned up on his long board! It was Kingsley who spotted Santa, then the Dolphins went crazy. Santa distributed lollies to all the Nippers. No wonder Linus was high when we met later on…