22-03-19 Kingsley: Kindy Picnic

Friday 22nd March 2019

Its 10pm. Erroll is stuck in Cairns. Ive got the 3 kids. Left Keanu with Dora in her bed. Kingsley and Elektra with me. My right boob leaks. How we gonna get through the night?!

Well we do and its fine. In fact swapping a twin for our original baby Kingsley in my bed makes the night that much easier: one less feeding on demand!

Kingsley reflects on his big day at school among friends then up to the park: our first Kindy class playdate. He hangs out easily with all the kids though a special affinity has been forged between himself and Tia and Mia. These girls can handle grappling and being bowled to the ground.

Little Jesse & his mum Kavita doesn’t turn up but James & dad Reuben do. I meet Kristal the KP Class Mum – a large non nonsense Dutchie. For two hours straight a bunch of kids scream and shout, jump and fall. Kingsley has a long protracted meltdown (cause: his feet are too slippery to climb the rope; and apparently I’m not helping him get up). I receive zero judgemental stares from fellow parents. Just nods of sympathy and agreement by all that next kindy picnic we bring wine.