01-02-20 Twins: 5 Hour Walk

Saturday 1st February 2020

Poor babies get hauled out of the house far too early without having been fed a proper breakfast (a mouthful of last night’s noodles doesn’t make the grade of nutritious meals) in order to make the 353 bus service to Bondi Junction (we just missed it). Now hungry and tired and hot all 3 kids I haul up hill to catch the next bus.

Kingsley the champ is deposited at jiu-jitsu, the rest I stroll about Westfields in the hope aircon will lull the babies to nap (one yes, one no; always the case). Both are terribly happy babies especially when we’re outside the Dojo and the crowd fawns all over them. Elektra is chilled today barely moving whereas Keanu is LOUD and wants to tell us tales.

Soon we head out for a new adventure to deposit big bro at Art Class. 1.5 hours of strolling follows and it ain’t that fun in thus infernal heat. Babies pass out though. Elektra stays asleep for an hour longer than Keanu. I will him to pass out again (doesn’t work).

By 1pm all four of us are incredibly overheated and cranky and exhausted so the instant we’re home we strip and under the garden hose we lay. So invigorating! And to think Elektra wakes onky when we get home. Champ.