07-06-17 Party

Wednesday 7th June 2017

Its birthday half-time! Someone is three-and-a-half today and to celebrate we invite the Zabe’el vet adolescent camels and Kingsley’s beloved orphan donkey Fritz. On the menu is apples, honey toast and carrot sticks.

So party venue, food and guests are all arranged. What we didn’t account for however is the outrageous heat of the day; hot like no other Dubai day I can remember. By 9am its 39 degrees then at 11am once we set off its 49 degrees. Walking the couple of kilometers to Zabe’el vets causes us both to suffer dizzy turns so the instant I spot a cold water fountain we drench ourselves. Literally sticking my head under water gives Kingsley the go-ahead to get wet!

Kingsley’s party is a hit on on all counts: we don’t get rained out; the sun shines bright; we turn it into a pool party; animal friends thrilled to be hand-fed treats; even Kingsley’s pleased to eat carrots and apples; no cake in sight.

Happy half-birthday Linus! Your animal friends adore you as we do.