25-09-19 Twins: Out Late

Wednesday 25th September 2019

A very welcome surprise: daddy is with us till 3:15pm which means you two I don’t schlep out to collect Kingsley from School. In fact we three stay very cosy in our pyjamas till we actually have to face strangers on the bus – when at 4:15pm we all four of us hop on the 353 bound for Bondi Junction, then into basketball.

Lately marked changes have been so obvious that I’m shocked to experience them in the twins, probably because at this age Kingsley was in nursery from 9 till 4 every day so I missed much of his emerging personality.

Elektra hasn’t accepted a dummy ever since Γιαγιά left for Greece. Keanu adores his dummy and enjoys finding it and stuffing it in his mouth. They’ve stopped taking a third daytime nap since γιαγια left leaving them one nap straight after breakfast and the second one straight after lunch. Keanu quite likes his own company, can play by himself and finds amusement among his toys. Elektra can’t cope with being left alone and cries inconsolably even producing tears when I’m absent from her presence. That said, I fade to invisible whenever big bro Kingsley is in the room. Both love this face more than anyone’s!

And so the twins are delighted to accompany Kingsley to basketball tonight.

En route to basketball