Kingsley: Highchair

25th June 2014

Son, you are exactly six-and-a-half months of age. And it is with a solemnness that I declare these last six-and-a-half months the happiest I have ever spent. Its because of you little fella! Well, to be exact, its because you and your wonderfully attentive dad and I are experiencing something magical – being a cheerful, blessed family. And you’ve started solids!

King at the age of sis and a half months

King at the age of sis and a half months

We take turns to feed you, your dad and I. Some of the time I hold you while your dad spoons into your open, waiting mouth tasty, home cooked mush such as banana and carrot puree. Other times its me singing to you a made up song that gets your attention. In go the spoonfuls of yoghurt.

However much fun it is to feed you this way – on our laps – its getting very messy and I am quite over washing the duvet every second day. (I know, I know: bad parents feeding you in bed.) So it was off to IKEA for us last night, to buy you the Antilop highchair, it having been recommended by Dubai pal Camilla as excellent value. And in this contraption you now sit, buckled up safely, and bang your fists on its white tray and dutifully open your mouth for the next spoonful of mush.

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