Afro-Arabia Spring Fashion Collection 2013-Pt 2

Are you seeking a little seasonal outfit inspiration? Thinking of how to hit the mark as a guest at an upcoming wedding? Ready to bare your shoulders and allow sunshine to kiss your skin once again? Well we’ve got you covered. For a northern Spring has sprung, and warmth is infusing the air even here in the UAE where we are finally bidding farewell to chilly winter.

Join Bride Club ME Founder Rhiannon Downie and I in the front row at Afro-Arabia Spring Fashion 2013. Get ready to be inspired…

Bride Club ME Founder Rhiannon Downie & I at the front row

Bride Club ME Founder Rhiannon Downie & I at the front row

Fashion Designer Modupe Omonze fuses culture with couture, creating an Afro-Arabian state of dress that would fit beautifully in Dubai as it would in Sydney or California or Cape Town…

Afro-Arabian Fashion-Dubai Mall

Afro-Arabian Fashion-Dubai Mall

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African clothing and jewelry fashion infuses a wardrobe with beauty and meaning. The colours chosen in an outfit are highly symbolic, and you’ll note plenty of yellows, gold and mustards in designer Modupe Omonze’s creations: these hues represent wealth and fertility. Gold simulates both precious metal and the yolk of an egg, and is used bewitchingly in both the fabric and the embroidery.

Further, animal print when done aesthetically and aim to compliment a woman’s curves scream “sensational”. After all, who can say “nay” to a zebra?



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  1. modupe says:

    the best gift i ever received from a guest!!! you rock!!! thank you.

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