18-09-17 Apple

Monday 18th September 2017

Ere long your morning routine has taken shape. You invariably wake before I do; I scratch your back and verily the sensation takes you back to sleep. I pass out too. However the need to do a wee wakes you and we’re up for the day. Milk, more milk and a play with your new train set then emergency poo, and on the loo is where you do your puzzles. I hold no objection to that since right this minute I occupy the same loo and write this post.

By 8am I’m feeding you a banana and by 8:15 we’re across the road waiting for the school bus which will be another 15 minutes. You’re so excitable in the morning – anxious to spot the bus first and never in your life happier than when it pulls up curbside just for you. But before then you and I spend a precious 15 minutes to play, chat, and get fed apple…