18-11-17 Baby Ruth’s Birthday

Saturday 18th November 2017

Today, the day before we essentially fly 24 hours to his Pa-Paw in Nashville, Kingsley experienced an extraordinary birthday party for his only Hummingbird Nursery bestie, Baby Ruth. All morning he repeated how excited he is to be going to her party and asked ten times when we’ll be heading there. While I washed clothing and prepared our luggage Erroll took him for walks around our neighbourhood. Unlike our last years ridiculously overpacked effort, this year it’s light (planning on a Target, Best Buy and Walmart shopping spree).

But back to Ruth’s 4th: an extravaganza of Limetree Café catering and non stop activities for the kiddies. Plus that front yard! Favourite part for Kingsley however wasn’t playing games or eating cake, it was spending a quiet hour at the end of the day just he and his Baby Ruth at the ‘plasticine pizza’ table, making and baking pizza for me their only customer. Just he and his darling friend as she bossed him around and he complied with everything the birthday girl wanted.