30-05-20 Twins: Mama’s Breakdown

Saturday 30th May 2020

Today’s not such a good day and starts terribly. Both Kingsley and Elektra with me in the smallest bed in the house. And waking non stop throughout the night then waking super early. I SNAP!

When Kingsley gives me his perception of the truth I become overwhelmed with anxiety and guilt. You’re no fun any more muma. We don’t laugh any more. I’m sad because you used to be fun but now you’re always angry and mad.

Meanwhile Elektra drives me insane by wetting the bed every night and having to change her entire sleep ensemble sometimes twice all in the dark while she yelps and cries.

Erroll’s got Keanu in Kingsley’s bed from 1am so no wonder Kingsley sneaks in with me but I’m the one stuck between Elektra and Kingsley and receive no decent rest. I wake up fuming!

And as I approach a mental mama breakdown at 1pm – the exhaustion about to drive me insane – Erroll takes both babies for a drive leaning me with Kingsley.

Three kids ain’t no joke!