13-01-20 Elektra: Salon

Monday 13th January 2020

Once every 6 weeks I take the luxury of afew hours child free to have my hair done at Scott’s salon. Its literally my only moments to myself and I enjoy them with swagger. Today however each adult residing at 60 Brook Street was compelled to take on one child. Kingsley with his daddy at Bunnerong gym, Dora these days wanting one child only and it is always quiet, sweet, sincere Keanu. Which meant my date to the salon would have to be glorious Elektra.

And aren’t I glad she accompanied me!  Fun, laughing, inquisitive, interested, and so cute! Not a peep from her! Favourite part of the day is when she’s watching Remzi lather up my hair all froth and bubbles at the basin.

Later in the afternoon we enjoy kitty time in the back yard…