Kingsley: Phuket ’17

May – June 2017

Our first family holiday in 6 months is upon us, and the destination has been on my MUST SEE list – Thailand’s Phuket.

Highlights: Feeding cousin Tilly with a bottle; learning to swim unaided; being taught to float on back by Oma; making little friends independently at dinner; taking on a babysitter ‘teacher’ Miss Waraporn in the evenings like the champion ‘student’ that he is; learning to play petanque and chess, airhockey and tenpin bowling; not vomiting on the most arduous boatride on the most violent seas known to man; genuinely saddened when Oma, Aunty Mika, Jimmy and cousin Tilly has to leave Phuket; traveling like a pro once again on this Kingsley’s hundredth holiday.