Kingsley: First Dinner

9th June 2014

There is no way you are going down for sleep, Kingsley. No matter how much breast I offer (a lot) or how we lay together skin to skin in bed. An hour and a half attached to my boob, madly feeding, milky mouth and full belly…but not full enough. From 6:30PM through to 8 you are insatiable. And whiney, and irritable and obviously not satisfied with merely milk. So your dad and I take the decision to finally FEED YOU DINNER!!

King at 6 months of age and definitely ready for FOOD.

King at 6 months of age and definitely ready for FOOD.

Its a quarter of a banana, mixed with a little breast milk, altogether mashed with a folk and fed to you with a small spoon I got ages ago at a gelato stand. King, you relished the meal – your very first dinner – licked your chops, made hardly any mess, burped from the pleasure of it all, made a whopper of a poo, then promptly fell asleep. And slept for ten hour straight.

Welcome to the world of SOLIDS, little lamb!


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