07-04-17 Day 3 of School

Friday 7th April 2017

Well what did I expect? For you on this your birthday month to wish to stay at school till the afternoon?  For you to want to eat lentil soup with all the other kids when I’ve set up bad eating habits in you? (Cornetto or mini Magnum each arvo are now an addiction, I know; sorry about that.) Further more I didn’t even accompany you to school on the yellow bus this morning (Miss Sophia forbade it yesterday. Said it would set up ‘dependencies’ and ‘expectations’ –doesn’t she know that as a mum I am riddled with dependencies and expectations? Boo.)

At 12:15 pm while wandering down to the village from a visit to church the phone rang: your preschool. Kingsley’s not much interested in eating lunch with the other children, the kindly Miss Joanna tells me. He’s had two mouthfuls of lentil soup and is getting a little agitated. Perhaps you could start making your way to school to pick him up. I must have responded wih an alarmed ‘oh, oh dear. Yes. I’ll be there immediately…’ because she then added that he’s had a terrific day playing with the kids so dobt rush.

I rushed of course, took the bus, walked up the steep little street toward the preschool and spotted the stern but fair and sweet principal Miss Sophia drawibg heavily on her cigarette out the bsck door of the kitchen. We waved at each other enthusiastically and before I had even put my bags down a young male teachers assistant chaperoned Kingsley to the playground. He was carrying an Easter bag!!

By 1:30pm we’d bid the school farewell and we hit the beach for our usual picnic and swim. A perfect day of sun, swimming, picnics and icecreams (two, of course) followed. Happy birthday month little fella…