15-03-20 Twins: Rainy Day Library

Sunday 15th March 2020

My morning is made up of cuddles: firstly waking next to Kingsley then taking Keanu into bed with me for a good hour just snoozing both of us still, thrilled to be warm under a doons together, his hand on my hand over his face covering his eyes. That’s how Freudle likes to rest.

And being a chilly grey drizzly kind of day we could stay in however that idea gives me anxiety as neither child likes to nap if out of the buggy. So in I bundle them and off to the library we go while Kingsley practices bike riding.

We of course lose Elektra’s special Juicy Couture headband as she pulls out all the books on her level, Keanu tipping over his crackers then one by one they need to be changed. The usual chaos! But we’re warm and it’s fun inside as rain falls outside.

Frank and Marlen are our companions walking home a good round trip two hours duration with a pit stop at Woolies then home both times Frank licks the babies like a giant dinosaur would a tiny Neanderthal baby.