Ch. 19: 23 Weeks

Each blessed week that passes without a complication is cause for celebration. And to mark 23 weeks of pregnancy, this old bird was treated to a weekend at The Atlantis Hotel, The Palm Dubai. Yes, the place is gaudy; yes it is stuffed with punters wishing to be seen, and dressed to thrill (notwithstanding the holiness of this time of year, Ramadan and all); yes, I was possibly the only woman not parading about in skimpiest of bathing suits.

Still, a weekend away, at home – a staycation – was just what this aching back required: pretty surrounds, delicious food buffet styles in abundance, no washing up, and long, winding, verdant paths to ramble through…

Exploring Atlantis, The Palm Dubai @ 23 weeks pregnant

Exploring Atlantis, The Palm Dubai @ 23 weeks pregnant

Good nourishment, fresh air and moderate exercise is just what the Seahorse orders. You see, Seahorse is now growing at a clip. It wriggles! The eyes are now fully formed and tiny little teeth are starting to appear. The wee critter resembles a doll-sized newborn, but thinner, as baby fat hasn’t yet developed. So my job as a good mother is to fatten the lamb up. With pleasure…

As for me, I feel clumsy, bulky and awkward even during the simple maneuver of walking from A to B, as my centre of gravity has shifted. Oh and did I mention my back feels like its breaking with this extra 8kg in my front??




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