Kingsley: Phaedon

Autumn 2017 Greece

Thursday 26th October

Dinner and a playdate at Phædon’s place three weeks ago has caused a great stir in the heart of Kingsley who is forever asking the whereabouts of his best friend Phædon.

Well this evening after soccer practice we bumped into him shopping with his mum Alexandra at our local supermarket. Kingsley wasn’t supposed to poke his head into the store but he did (after we returned a shopping trolley we found abandoned on Athena Street, back) and stops, waves and smiles at someone at the checkout then calls to me to come see.

Its Phædon and Alexandra at long last! Three weeks after we’d been over. The kids wanted to play at the park. I was reluctant (the child was bone tired after school, soccer and walking home the past hour). Alexandra was disinclined also (they’d been at the playground since 3:30 – actually hoping to see us – and it was past 6 now). However the boys we determined to finally play together.

They did, for the next hour. And at sunset Phædon’s deep affection for Kingsley saw him take his hand, begin walking him home to their place and beg his mum that Dorötheos come over. My plan took precedent: Phædon was to walk us home and even come on in! They did, JiaJia Dora served koulourākia and we fixed our next playdate for tomorrow.