15-08-18 Autrans Day 2

Wednesday 15th August 2018

Heavenly weather in the Rhone-Alpes today: sun, blue skies, no wind, no chill. From 7:30am Kingsley is asking to see Natan and i manage to corral him in our bedroom for an hour till both Lilly and Natan come to us looking for Kingsley. All three are off for a day of adventures.

First of its to the farm – feeding chickens fresh grass, baguettes for the bunnies (lapins), off to the horses. All I feel is fresh air in the lungs and see two little friends running ahead of us searching for more animals.

Lunch is sausages and salad. Sausage is woofed down something I didn’t think Kingsley would be into but all this running in the Alpes with a mate has him starving. Immediately after its a pool party then in the late arvo we’re in search for cows.