29-10-20 Kingsley: Baker Park Playdate

Thursday 29th October 2020

A third Playdate with Jensen the sweet considerate quiet classmate Kingsley really enjoys the company of. As much as Kingsley is wild, Jensen is introverted. But together they bring out wonderful traits in the other: Jensen becomes animated, Kingsley becomes attentive.

They both enjoy my chicken schnitzel pieces and roast potatoes morsels going in to open mouths each time they’d slide down the slippery dip. It seems Jensen looks to Kingsley for inspiration too, escaping after him into the field once Kingsley set off from the playground to go play soccer, nanny Tamy unable to contain him to the playground any longer!

Erroll arrives to fetch Kingsley for jiu-jitsu as Jensen leaves for swimming, the next Playdate fixed for the following Thursday.