24-11-20 Kingsley: Screentime Ban 1 Month

Tuesday 24th November 2020

Kiddo gets slapped a ban from Screentime, a month in the sinbin for drawing on my new leather kitchen stools. I am furious! Kingsley declares that ‘Elektra did it first!’ and ‘I only drew a little bit (see? Just this scribble here, mum) whereas Elektra drew ALL of this!’.

Well mumma lost her marbles this morning as the kids were playing eating and drawing on the kitchen counter. And even Elektra looked on at me with alarm and slight terror! Kingsley now knows not to ask for a movie or a game or an episode of his beloved Gormiti.

But I kiss and hug him farewell before school as well as stuff his mouth with 3 eggs and a cheese melt for breakfast. And he knows I will love him no matter what. Now to scrub these damn white kitchen stools…