22-12-20 Kingsley: Boating with Lawrence

Tuesday 22nd December 2020

What a treat: being invited to boat with Lawrence, dad Leo and their mates on Sydney Harbour. A fishing trip, they cast line after line and caught but one little fish. Swimming was more their style docking the boat at Taronga Zoo (the sky safari is operating again!) diving is in, setting sail for Watson’s Bay, swimming there too. And sailing to the Fish Markets to buy their supper!

By the afternoon a very sunburnt father and son arrive home me incredibly proud to have napped with the babies babies in bed today (woo hoo my exciting news!) then setting about to feed a hungry Kingsley and set off for our own adventures by foot down to the village. For tonight I will play Santa and wrap pressies for the kids in our Dojo crew who are are coming over tomorrow.

Elektra of course is beside herself in joy that Νινί is joining us, Keanu is devastated he’s not invited cries despondently, Kingsley distraught checking on him and the babies gobble envious Keanu I gets to do ‘Άγιος Άγιος’ With The burning incense but reconsiders my offer too much to come shopping. And I’m glad he does for he’s off my phone. For one blesses hour as we stroll and shop.

Our ritual of reading a book before he gets his hands on my phone tonight continues. The more he stomps for my phone the more books I shove under his nose. This evening its the hilarious ‘Fat Cat’ and the Underpants series.