Kingsley: All-Day Jiajia Dora

Sunday 19th October 2014

For the entire day today – 9AM till 6:15PM – a very excitable, active infant is being looked after, fed and watered by his loving Jiajia Dora. A full day of activates has been planned by her: song, play, eating, drinking, chatting and naps. This rare one-on-one dedicated time to be given to Kingsley by his Jiajia, is a wish I’ve held since King was born; for my son and my mum to experience this alone time, and today it comes true.

I will confess to calling home a couple of times while at work, just to check on mum (Kingsley is indeed a ‘lively’ baby on the cusp of toddlerhood and prone to expressing his desires through shrieks) and I did laugh nervously when, having just left the office this evening, mum hurried me come home, QUICKLY!!!

Lively our boys is, indeed. And here they are, Jiajia and grandson, exactly two and a half weeks ago, playing by the seaside…

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