07-08-20 Twins: Downpour

Friday 7th August 2020

The weatherman has forecast rain ☔ for the next few days and sure enough the air is chilly the sky is heavy with clouds and its 100% jacket season now in the final month of winter. So into Gai’s knits I button the babies and out into the back yard they play to tire them out for a nap in the car en route to Surry Hills where Erroll will resume TRADIE painting (painter he ain’t!).

These two always astound me. For breakfast its eggs, ham & cheese melt on sour dough, chicken vege & pasta casserole, perhaps a chunk of feta. They love it, all the flavours and salt.

Dinner is juicy lentil soup and what seems like 100 Kalamata olives each followed by yoghurt (her) and strawberry (him). These babies babble incessantly, her moreso (he prefers to sing). Elektra’s well used “word” is ritz. And when she’s distraught its μαμά! Keanu these days insists on playing in the sink with running water as I spoon-feed him, clamping shut his mouth when done.