06-05-19 Elektra: Ergobaby

Monday 6th May 2019

From the day Joanna gave us the Ergobaby Miss Elektra has demanded walks. She wants to be held, and walked. But not just around the house; she wants fresh air and sunshine. So today she and I do just that.

After friends Daniela and Maria bid us farewell its time to prepare for the afternoon school run – Erroll’s task today. Staying snuggled up in bed is what’s motivating me on this crisp day but Miss Elektra has other ideas. She wants out the door.

Keanu naps. He’s good at that. Elektra tells me hurry up. So into the Ergobaby she slides and within seconds she’s comfy abd quiet. We walk for three hours from home to Coogee Public, cuddle Kingsley then walk to Randwick, stroll then back down to Coogee to meet up with the boys. All the while this girl sleeps.