12-08-16 Birthday Brunch

Friday 12th August 2016

This is what happiness looks like for a Mumma like me, forever wearing ‘house pants’ (pyjamas to the rest of the world) but able to get out of them for the day, and into a dress not worn for over six years and then out the door for a birthday party Dubai brunch styles for one of her bestest buddies…

So while Mumma Dôra took over entertaining/playing with/feeding/toilet training Kingsley for a few hours, my hall pass got stamped and I was out the door heading toward Emirates Financial Towers for spot of brunching to celebrate Vicki’s birthday. The venue? An extraordinary, seemingly floating space called Restaurant Al Grissino. Of course I spent the first hour showing complete strangers, the acquaintances I’ve met a couple of times before and my buddie Vicki endless pictures of Kingsley and the odd hunk shot of Erroll. However once I established that the kid is having a ball with his JiaJia, it was time I had some adult fun, so I let myself enjoyyyy…


Five years strong our friendship


Met through my dearest, Anne, five years ago at a Dubai Christmas party


Extraordinary bar up high overlooking our neighbourhood