01-12-17 Animal Kingdom for Ba-Bah’s Birthday

Friday 1st December 2017

These two birthday buddies get to experience their belly button days here at Disney…for the third year running! Once again Florida puts on the sunny weather for us. We are in the park by 9:30am and stay till 8:30pm. Non stop rides, games, experiences, shopping, petting zoo, playing with other kids, musicals, shows, music.

Highlights of our day:

1) going on safari and seeing it ALL. Elephants, rhino, hippo, cheetah, sleepy lion on his rock with his two slumbering lionesses on their rocks below him (respect!) and of course the elegant giraffes who stopped our convoy for a full 10 minutes. You see they just wouldn’t get out of the road.

2) taking the train to the ‘Affection Section’ to rub the piggies and goats with wire brushes. Thankfully for them (and joyfully for Kingsley) the harder you brush, the happier the piggies; oinking showed their delight!

3) definitely experiencing the time traveling ‘Dinosaur’ asteroid adventure as a family. I thought previous years’ ‘It’s a Small World’ rides brought us close as a family; this one blew us away!

4) stumbling across the ‘Planet of Pandora’ in the starry evening. Kingsley was invited to play drums with the locals from this planet.

5) starting our day with ‘Finding Nemo-the Musical’. Kiddo sung along with the sea-turtle’s ‘go with the FLOW…’ tune as I stuffed banana in his mouth

6) spending our lunch hour in ‘Lion King-the Musical’. Each time I’d sing along Kingsley would tell me to ‘shush, Mumma’. Clearly mumma’s voice is crap compared to the astonishing baritone, tenor, soprano and mezzo-soprano on the stage.

7) watching Erroll be transformed into his own Avatar. Kingsley retrieved it from the ‘machine’. He flipped out!