07-07-20 Twins: Garnet Jackson Reserve 

Tuesday 7th July 2020

The babies feel the earth on their soft, sweet feet today as we travel to Botany while Elektra sleeps (and manic Keanu parties in the back seat) to visit Marlen but she’s MIA so off to Garnet Jackson Reserve for the babies to play.

Keanu displays remarkable determination and courage climbing up structures unassisted, walking over moving bridges with no sides and sliding down the slippery slide all by himself. No fear!

Elektra finds a shady spot beneath the playground structure her brother climbs and plays with the dirt her woollen slippers are filthy as are her tights. Soon she toddles over to my bag finds a zip lock bag and manages to get out a piece of sour dough, chomping at it while watching Keanu perform his athletic tricks.