Kingsley: Nurse Jinky

6th April 2014

Kingsley experienced his first girl crush today. Her name is Jinky and she is as pretty as a summer peach. Young and smiley, chipper and cute, Jinky comes with a thorough knowledge of infant medicine and a complete repertoire of children’s nursery rhymes. She also happens to be Kingsley’s very first nurse-nanny. For today at  7:30AM in came through our door a registered nurse who will, part time, be known as ‘Nurse Jinky” to a very curious little baby.

Nurse Jinky - Kingsley's very first nurse, with the boy aged 4 months

Nurse Jinky – Kingsley’s very first nurse, with the boy aged 4 months

Jinky was hired because I went back to work and I wanted the very best of care for our boy while we were apart. When Erroll is in town, which is two working days per week, he plays Daddy Daycare. The other three days bright spark Jinky adores our son. The weekends we now spend as a family in a tight circle (usually in bed!).

So for now, today, its Jinky and Kingsley, their songs, games, books and educational Youtube shows, while I schlep to work and think of them by the minute.



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