14-09-19 Kingsley: Dumb

Saturday 14th September 2019

I would rate today’s stress the highest I’ve experienced since becoming mumma to 3. Sky rocket high. Not so much the morning; that’s enjoyable (especially when one or both babies are napping).

Enjoying the moments I spend with Linus too: walking him to tennis, surprising him with not one but two ice creams, agreeing to let him hang out in the pro shop with Coaches Baxby and Cameron.

Then the babies wake, won’t nap again, get excited at Kingsley’s antics, miss their nap, become crazed, Kingsley becines diatressed, I’m going mad, so just bundle the lot of us into the double pram, and head down to the beach for fresh air.

A hit! Kiddies nap, Kingsley plays in the sand, frolics at the water’s edge…then throws himself in, fully clothed! And its a chilly evening, I’ve no towel, no warm clothes, he’s starting to shiver and we must do a Woolies shop, the child begins to complain about dumbness in the fingers, then the hellish schlep uphill for home.

Without even crossing the door way’s threshold Kingsley I insist strips off, dusts the 5 kilos of sand stuck to skin and in pockets then tip toe into the hot shower not to emerge till i say so (and the feeling in his finger tips returns)