28-02-20 Kingsley: 5 Years Full Time

Friday 28th February 2020

The NiNii being carried (no less) by μπαμπά to Hummingbird nursery on the very last day he will be attending, on 28th February 2015.

That’s 5 years I’ve been hand raising our son Kingsley. And so very proud to be doing so still.

5 years later we’re living in Coogee, now one of three Hartley kids Kingsley adores his siblings enjoys rough housing them smooching them with kisses and seeing his buddies at school and at jiu-jitsu. This afternoon Victor’s mum buys them an icecream, the boys insisting on an impromptu Playdate. At jiu-jitsu Kingsley flops about the mat. When put against Maddie he won’t submit her. Our gentleman.