Kingsley: Monkey Business

Thursday 10th July 2014

Three weeks ago this pair of denim overalls was far too big for Kingsley to wear. How is it possible that it now fits perfectly? I suspect these past three weeks of eating solids may have bulked our boy up. After all, King is fed (on the daily) yoghurt, lamb, porridge and banana. High protein stuff. He eats 6-7 meals per day. Plus all that milk he guzzles (especially at night). Our growing champ requires all of this nutrition (plus he asks for it) because he is non stop active at nursery, monkeying around.

The cute monkey suit King wore to nursery today (and is modeling in his crib here) was a gift from Dubai family friend Rio, who never fails to remember Kingsley in her daily life; a phone call here, a message there, and always a willingness to pop round for a visit and a cup of tea, and a monkey around with the King.

Monkey suit thanks to Dubai friend Rio

Monkey suit thanks to Dubai friend Rio


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