16-01-21 Kingsley: Playdate with Jesse

Saturday 16th January 2021

On a whim we invite Jesse on a Playdate scheduled for 3pm today, after both families grocery shop and schlep about malls. We meet at the zip line though Kingsley would really strongly prefer we meet elsewhere claiming he’s outgrown this park. ANYWHERE BUT HERE he complains as we head there.

And guess what? Jesse feels the same way! So it takes the boys some time to find their groove, Kingsley at one point spilling a cup full of chocolate milk over himself, then Jesse giving himself a painful carpet burn on the knee (thanks to the artificial turf).

Neither boy is overly enthused at first but once us parents stop intervening, and we’re done exchanging gifts the lads are piggybacking each other and the zip line. All afternoon.

Until of course Linus must do a poo, and must do so immediately. I’M BOILING TO DO A POO, MUMMA! So putting away our tennis gear and boomerang (care of Zedane) we trot to Crystal Carwash and of course the a snap for daddy.