Kingsley: Whole Banana

Thursday 13th November

Our little man has today done something he has never done before: eat an entire banana. One chunk at a time, either by hand or with a spoon, Kingsley is fed sweet, soft, over ripe banana and smiles between each mouthful. Before we know it, we are down to the bum-bit of the banana, and then…down the hatch! The last bit of banana is swallowed and our boy carries on playing in his cot, belly full of banana. I of course jump up and down from happiness; Kingsley has a winning appetite and a mother could not feel prouder.

Now Jiajia Dora peels a small banana every morning and after his first bottle of milk, Kingsley takes the sweet stuff with gusto. Our son loves bananas!

Here is father and son at our local children’s playground after a breakfast of bananas and wheatbix, full of energy and in great spirits.

11 months 035 11 months 038

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