05-11-16 Rio’s Baby Shower at The Farm

Saturday 5th November 2016

What a treat! Spending the day among my besties – just adults, no toddlers! –  in the stunning location of Al Barari for a baby shower brunch at The Farm. My Dubai crew are all together today to celebrate Rio’s baby shower. It’s sunny but not hot and we come bearing gifts to honour her January 2017 baby boy.

Kingsley too had a great adventure on a play date with his constant friend Harrison with Graham taking the boys to the park then for a swim. When Kate and I return from the shower, all three boys are wet from the pool and eager to tuck into the croissants we bring back from The Farm. A picnic of chocolate scrolls and other pastries then unwinding in front of the iPad follows before we call it a day.

Erroll arrives home from his Hong Kong layover so by 3:30pm our family is reunited. Two days left now before I fly out to Athens with Kingsley, time we will relish as a threesome firmly staying indoors! But for today I give thanks for some adult-only time eating, drinking and making merry among the girls of Dubai at the glorious property of Al Barari The Farm…






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