11-02-17 Safa Park with Layla & Maya

Saturday 11th February 2017

Winter is a magical time of year in Dubai: we have overcast days with welcome breezes and cool, green lawn to run over, barefoot. Kids and adults alike are no longer confined to the air conditioned indoors. People are in jolly moods and ready in an instant to meet up, just as long as it is outdoors.

And so it was with Camilla and I: agreeing eagerly to get the three kids out of the house and into verdant Safa Park. Within minutes of meeting up their shoes and socks were off, and Kingsley had a mouthful of sand I then washed out with bottled water. Straight back into the play pit he went; just how grubby three sets of knees can become so quickly is a mystery.

The first highlight of the day was when the three kids first spotted one another in the car park. Loud enthusiastic cries of “LAYLA!!” and “KINGSLEY!!” caused Camilla and I to weep from happiness. The eldest ones, who were let loose from their prams, embraced and kissed hallo, and ran ahead of us their hands held together. Even little Maya called out for Kingsley.

The final highlight of the day (and there were many), came at the end of the long afternoon as we begun our walk to the car, when Layla expressed her unwillingness to walk one step further. Kingsley gallantly gave up his chariot for Layla to rest her weary self. A first! Kingsley has never given up his pram for any other child. Layla jumped on, and Kingsley proudly skipped along side of us as we all walked along the path. He would turn around, chatter to the girls in the prams, raise his palm and say ‘STOP!’ Camilla and I would indeed stop pushing the prams in a compliant manner, and then Kingsley would run away fast and the girls fell about laughing like he was the funniest comedian in the world. This slapstick sketch was repeated till we got to the park gates; everyone in fine spirits as we bid each other adieu, till next time we meet at Safa Park.