20-10-18 Smothered in Love

Saturday 20th October 2018

Two parts to our day today: firstly spending time with dear pal Vicki who once again smothers us in love and pressies. We hit the pool for hours. Kingsley plays ball with British cutie Amelia (age 7; size of 3 year old) and water pistols with Turkish Oliver (age 4; size of 3 year old).

Vicki gives Linus a new favourite phrase ‘…so lovely…‘ which he repeats at the sight of something exciting. Vicki of course won’t stop praising him then does a double-take when quite out of the blue instructs young Amelia to ‘to keep your eyes on the ball’.

Day is hot; pool is cool and the belly expands…

Part of our new daily ritual while living in the Arabian Ranches is spending time with Niluka. Kingsley has a deep affection for her. Today he presented her with chocolate and declared ‘I love you, Miss Niluka’ before our photo call.

In the evening (while I scooted out for a night with Lena), it was Niluka who rushed to Kingsley in our bedroom at first hearing him cry out for mummà.