13-03-19 Kingsley: Lessons

Wednesday 13th March 2019

Sensai Mike gives Kingsley a lesson for life: never let your opponent know you’re in pain. Stand tall, posture check, give them your toughest straight face.

The lesson came in the wake of two heads clashing on the mats…then plenty of tears: Kingsley and Arthur rumbling as usual then bang! They’re both down on the ground, Kingsley running his forehead with a matter-of-fact ‘owy’ whereas Arthur bellowing and fussing rushing over to his nanny who sweeps him in her arms. The crying continued while Kingsley looked confused and came over to me.  I provide water and a kisses to my boy.

Its Sensai who commends Kingsley on his galant and brave exterior. And that’s when Mike lets Kingsley know he’s very proud of him: tears are unnecessary on this situation (its obvious). And in real life even more so. ‘Just give them your best straight face, Kingsguard’. Always. And never let an opponent know you’re in pain. Remember: STRAIGHT FACE.