12-06-16 Souvlâki

Sunday 12th June 2016
Today marks 4 weeks in Greece. Everyday which passes I thank Erroll this opportunity to show Kingsley his heritage, learn the language, be among kin, eat Greek and swim in the sea. My happiness is truly a byproduct of our son’s joy and cultural development. May it all build a strong, sensible, wise character.

For our one month celebration, Kingsley kindly sleeps in till nearly 11am!! He gets a banana, then toast for breakfast, a play in the pethikî harâ at noon, then we shop together for eggs and fruit, home for lunch and by 2:30 he is out. Two hours later we are up and by 5:30 out the door. He meets Christina and Alexi at the beach – siblings we see nightly in the town square – and they all three of them play without incident. I, as usual, am on high alert, but it seems because they all see one another nightly, Kingsley is used to them familiar, and not just well behaved at the beach, but fun to be around and most definitely not aggressive. I am relieved and happy.

At 7:30 we go on cliff side adventures to catch the last hour of magnificent golden rays. At one point Kingsley runs away from me, tells me to go away, his usual antics when he needs to do a poo. And sure enough, I find the evidence on a clay path where he was hiding. Once he allows me close, it’s easy street to get him stripped off-shoes included-and into the water. Omg he really did a big one. The sun is still strong at 8pm so he dries on a rock, and once dressed in fresh clothes, we explore more.

And because I don’t have any form of protein other than eggs in the house, our son gets a delicious treat for dinner- a tasty souvlâki, for only €2.20! Back to the playground for another round of kiddie madness, football, running, playing and familiar faces, then home. The souvlâki is demolished: meat, pita, tzatzîki, chippies. And dessert is Greek yoghurt. By 11pm its lights out. Time to watch the news: orlando’s mass shooting at a night club. 50 dead, 50 injured. May the victims rest in peace, and their families find some for themselves.