18-05-18 Swim #2

Friday 18th May 2018

Linus gets his second swim of the season in! And again its after school. Water is warm, hardly anyone’s about, emergency poo done on the craggy rocks beforehand.

Here’s our correspondence with the relos today…

Dear Oma Mika Daddy,

Look how I cuddle our neighbourhood pet, Miss Venezuela. She’s been my constant companion for 4 years. She actually smiles at me! This shot is taken at 3:30pm straight after school. I drink my organic goat milk (granma Bonnie gave me this sippy cup) then have a banana then an apple. As a treat I spent 50 cents on a sesame circular ‘koulouri’ at Mr. Giorgio’s fourno. Ate the lot save some mouthfuls I fed to the fish this arvo.

Mummà took me for a swim after school; my second of the season. Impressed I was when she agreed to my request: that she pluck out of the shallows two sea urchins; held them in her hands and passed them to me, she did. I turned them around saw their wierd small sucky mouth (which mumma explained works as a bum too).

Love your Number One x