10-11-17 Paleā Fōkia after School

Friday 10th November 2017

Straight after school we dump bags, play at the park, eat fresh bread (thanks JiaJia) then at 4pm leave on bus 123 for an adventure in Paleā Fōkia. Kingsley’s not much interested in anything other than the playground. We find an Albanian boy swinging and he wants to join him. Erroll pushes the swing and I sing in Greek while the kind dad does his best to chat with us. An Albanian speaking dad, an English speaking dad and a Greek speaking me all managing quite nicely to communicate all the while our kids play.

Later that evening I got my wish of exploring the fishing village. Fishermen were preparing their nets to go out in the evening. Finally Kingsley’s interest is piqued! So we stop to chat to one fisherman who tells us he’ll get back at dawn and by 7am he’ll be selling his fresh fish (caught all the way near Hydra, our favourite island).