30-01-18 Oz Day 9

Tuesday 30th January 2018

By 4 I’m home from my day exploring Barangaroo with June Salt and thinking Kingsley has been a handful for JiaJia Dora only to find her chilling out snd The little man entertained by his two big cousins Pipi & JiJi.

We all agree to have an adventure at Gordons Bay together with Miss Emi so up the hill we roll and down to the Bay taking a ride on Jeremy’s shoulders. No fear shown climbing the rock ledges nor jumping in the water.

By the early evening we leave for Coogee playground where we spot a 3 year old boy playing by himself. There was no way we could roll past the playground without stopping. And glad we did. Two hours of full on play ensued between little Leonardo and King who looked like twins. The mum – Joselyn – was as funsies as I happily getting drenched under the bubbler while the boys stripped off to cool down.

We’re meeting tomorrow same time same place weather permitting. And as for Gordons Bay, its our new favourite watering hole…