11-04-17 Tuesday at School (Day 5)

Tuesday 11th April 2017

He gets picked up by the little yellow bus at 8:30am and is dropped off to me exactly seven hours later. Smiles hallo in the afternoon are just bright as his smiles goodbye in the morning. I receive my hugs on both ends of his day’s school journey and feel a sense of achieving something important as I watch Kingsley enjoy finallt being ‘at achool’. He actually loves being at school!

Apart from the kind and fun Miss Ioānna Kingsley’s day is all about interactions with other preschoolers, and his absolute favoutite is Fīvos. This clever and alert five year old has been Kingsley’s neighbour, playground friend and now school mate for the three years Kingsley has been visiting Saronītha though 2016 truly cemented their friendship as two energetic scamps.

And now they hop off their school bus together, walk into our foyer as pals, whisper fun things in each other’s ears, ride the elevator to the third floor, run up and down the corridor like they’ll never be allowed to do so again and finally bid each other farewell for the night as both JiaJia’s lure the boys in with hot oven wedges and mini Magnums.

Such friends definitely make school fun…