Kingsley: In the Mouth

Until you turn about seven months old, Kingsley, you really wont use your hands and fingers to explore objects. Don’t get me wrong: your grip is like Iron Man’s. But you yet have not developed the ability to stroke, poke or prod with your fingers yet.

What you can do (very well, may I add) is control your lips and tongue so that you mouth and gum objects as you please. Everything goes into your mouth, Kingsley.

Balls, toys, book - all go into Kingsley's mouth. Kingsley at Nursery, June 2014.

Balls, toys, book – all go into Kingsley’s mouth. Kingsley at Nursery, June 2014.

Recently you’ve been mouthing toys and this has coincided with two little TEETH cutting through your lower gums.  This gnawing at objects is also accompanied by a bit of drooling, and for the past two days you’ve been out of sorts.

By all accounts, you’ll be shoving objects in your mouth well into your second year. Two years of mouthing will help you learn all about different shapes and textures, what tastes good and what tastes awful. Guaranteed you will mouth my woolly blanket only once!

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