19-08-19 Twins: Oma Over

Monday 19th August 2019

Darlings, your great uncle John over the weekend passed away. You both met him at the festive lunch γιαγια Dora put on to celebrate our families coming together. Then as his health deteriorated, mumma and Daddy took Keanu and Kingsley to pay him a visit at palliative care. This was the last time we saw great uncle John. He was careful to give me his thoughts on rearing children: that a mum’s work is to be there for the child. Be present, not absent.

I’ve thought about this non stop since that day. I’m committed to being here for you physically, emotionally too.

Your Oma popped over today. And wasn’t she delighted in you! Giggling Elektra all smiles and chuckling at silly Oma! Serious Keanu cracking a glorious smile now and again which sent Oma into a spin.

New game discovered: while seated across from each other Oma counts 1,2,3 then chucks a scrunched up muslin into Elektra’s lap. Cue hysterical laughter! Repeat the caper 200 times and Elektra doesn’t stop the laughter.

Today both babies go down for their naps with ease and no fuss. Daddy has a cuddle and play then scoots to work. A crazy couple of hours later with Oma gets them tired out. A bottle in Freudle’s mouth knocks him out. A boob is what does the job for Elektra.