Kingsley: Apples


Its been over a year now that Kingsley’s appetite is so healthy that he eats two apples a day. However he’s as particular as I am when it comes to which variety he (we) chooses when we’re at Carrefour or Spinneys (or even My Market when in Greece).

Apples mustn’t be green (too sharp on the tongue he claims) nor red (too mushy) nor yellowish (so bland, mummà!). Its the pink ones he likes. They’re shiny and sweet. And he annihilates the lot (except I must bloodywell peel them still).

His first pink apple obsession came in the form of New Zealand ‘Jazz Apples’. A full year of eating two per day; morning and night. Now we can’t go past the Pink Ladies. Good God how fresh, crisp, juicy, firm, sweet and double the price of other varietals.

But how can I say no to that…