18-07-20 Twins: Taronga Zoo by Tram & Ferry

Saturday 18th July 2020

Twins strapped into the Valco Snap Duo, on board the tram en route to Circular Quay where we’ll catch the ferry to Taronga Zoo and meet up with the three boys Erroll, Kingsley and his guest Jesse, with us to celebrate his 6th birthday.

The babies are delightfully well behaved and calm throughout all our means of locomotion: Erroll driving in our car us to the Tram station, the tram ride, the ferry ride then a bus up the hill to the Zoo entrance. Not a whimper of a complaint from these two.

First stop is to look at the world’s largest rodents the capybara then to play. And play they do all day, even as the big boys feed the goats and chickens these babies keep the joyous smiles on their faces all day.

We three leave at around 3:30 walk down the hill to the ferry, across the harbour waters out onto the Quay then directly onto the Tram. Keanu finally passing out after a huge day watching the Bengal Tigers.