24-07-18 Safe From Fire

Tuesday 24th July 2018

Attika is in fire. Fires that are out of control, in which 80+ lives have been lost and untold homes burnt to the ground. Fires that were deliberately lit. In fact, news just in: 12 people were found burnt to death-they were discovered huddled together in a field just away from a beach. They must’ve been running from the flames got disoriented and found themselves in a field.

80 now are confirmed dead. Most burnt while in their car fleeing!

Friends are very anxious to hear from us; that we are safe. So I wrote to one and all…

Dearest friends – mainland Greece is on fire. Arsonists have lit 15 or more fires simultaneously and nearly 100 are dead. No one can get to grips on this tragedy.

Kingsley & I are safe. The air quality is crap for now but that’s okay. Photo taken just now. Love us xxx