09-11-20 Twins: Bondi Junction Shopping

Monday 9th November 2020

Its insane how adorable these babies are. Yvette Gillies asked me whether people come up to talk with me all the time when they’re with me. A resounding YES.

Yes, and I encourage chats especially with the elderly. I often sit down on those faux leather couches in the middle of the mall and the seating outside of Woolies / Coles when the ladies ooh and aaah. The twins are really used to it! All the non stop chat! And they chatty back even hugging the really elderly Jewish grannies. Today’s granny wanted to pay for the twins to have a go on the baby merry go round attraction out the front of Woolies. Couldn’t find any pennies and figured her carer took all her money and is in Woolies doing her grocery shop. Still the babies starting with Elektra, opened her arms and ran into the embrace of this granny. Did it 5 times! Keanu followed suit. The granny was overcome with positive feelings; praised me for rearing the childre thus.

Today an old fella took out a gold coin ($1) and gave each baby one. He couldn’t help but give, he said! In his culture it was significant to do so. The babies jockeyed to grab the first coin first.

Yes, Yvette agreed, in Scotland it is tradition to put a coin in the child’s pram. It’s probably a Celtic thing.